Visiting White Sands National Monument In New Mexico

Although New Mexico has a lot of interesting places to visit, few are quite as unique as White Sands National Monument. The area’s unique landscape features approximately 275 square miles of brilliant white sand dunes. These dune fields, which are made of gypsum sand, are a truly spectacular sight to behold. It is the largest dune field of its kind in the world, making it one of the country’s most unique treasures.

Apart from just viewing these sand dunes, there are also many other activities that you can do while visiting the area. For instance, you can bring along your bicycle and ride your bike through the monument rather than going through in your car. This can give you a whole new perspective on the area.

When you are on your bike, you are out in the open, meaning that you are much more connected with the surrounding landscape. This can help you get a far greater sense of what the area is really like than being trapped in a car behind glass.

Interestingly, you can also go sledding on the sand dunes. This activity is so popular, in fact, that they even sell sleds at the monument’s gift shop. Flying down the side of a sand dune on a sled is a truly unique experience. The sand itself acts just like snow under the sled. In essence, it gives you an opportunity to go sledding without having to worry about being out in the cold.

There are also many hiking trails that crisscross through the area. Spending a day hiking through the sand dunes can help you get more in touch with their unique beauty. Don’t forget to take plenty of water along with you – especially if you are going hiking during the summer months. Temperatures can get quite warm in this part of New Mexico. The hot summer sun reflecting off of the white sand can quickly dehydrate you if you don’t drink enough water.

Don’t forget to stop by the visitor center as well. There is a museum where you can learn more about the area. There are also native plants on display, giving you an opportunity to discover some of the unique types of vegetation that grow in this area.

All in all, a trip to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico can be a lot of fun. It is unlike anywhere else in the country, making it a great place to see on your next vacation.