Why Choose New Mexico For A Two Week Vacation?

This is a beautiful vacation spot for people that are either into spiritual teachings, learning about Native Americans, or even outdoor adventures. You can go hiking, fishing, white-water rafting in different areas. You can also go on spiritual journeys with guided tours that will be with you every step of the way. It’s also a location that is known for some very historic activities such as the different types of military testing done at Alamogordo. Roswell New Mexico is the mythical landing spot of a spaceship back in the 1940s. This state is very diversified, not only in what you are able to do, but the history of this wonderful state.

What Can You Do On A Two Week Vacation?

If hiking is not your thing, but you wouldn’t mind the view at the top of the very tall mountain, the Sandia Peak Tramway that is very close to Albuquerque is a ride that you should definitely go on. The Tramway takes you all the way to the top, and despite the low cost of using this, it is going to be one of the most outstanding views that you will ever see. There are rock formations in New Mexico just like Utah with the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument Cochiti Pueblo which is a fantastic location. Once you are done hiking around, you can head into the cities such as Las Cruces, Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Activities In The Cities

If you had into Santa Fe, you need to check out the Opera House. If you stay for a few days in Red River, they have zip lines and aerial adventures. Las Cruces is another place you should visit because of the absolutely gorgeous Dripping Springs Natural Area. Finally, you need to go to Carlsbad to not only see the Museum and Art Center, but the living desert zoo that both adults and children alike.

These ideas should inspire you to consider a trip to one of these cities. You may even want to spend time in several places, just a few days each. The activities that are available will keep you busy the entire two weeks you are there. It’s going to be a vacation that will probably leave you wanting to come back. New Mexico might not be a place you have ever thought of going, but based upon all of these activities you certainly should. It’s a destination designed for people of all different backgrounds and interests, and it will be a very affordable and worthwhile vacation regardless of how long you stay.